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viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Glazed Turkey with Raspberry Sauce.


for a turkey 6 lbs.

1 turkey (without legs and wings)
1 / 2 cup raspberry jelly
2 spoons maple syrup
1 / 4 cup brown sugar
2 onz. melted butter
3 golden apples
1 cup water

-Preheat oven to 180 ° C.

-Rub the turkey well with melted butter
-Fill it with 3 whole apples
-Put on a rack in a dish with a little water in the oven for 90 min., Covered with foil.
-Out of the oven, rub it well with the following mixture:

Join the jam, honey and brown sugar to integrate.

-Bake 40 min. more, covered with aluminum,

- Out of the oven and repeat the process:
-Turns to varnish jelly with turkey mixture and return to oven for another 40 min. and uncovered.

-Remove from oven, place it on a plate to rest .. in a warm place, covered before serving.

We present a valuable source accompanied by:

Raspberry Sauce:


1 lb. raspberry
1 / 2 cup red wine
1 cup sugar


In a saucepan large, place the raspberries, sugar, and wine, cook until it takes consistency .. serve in a gravy boat .. takes no more than 4 min.

Serve hot as an accompaniment to the side ..

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